"Sally's Bounty" is a side quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Sally LePrine in Wellspring. It is available after completing the quest "Dan's Message".


Let me give you one advice, your reputation is everything here.
Best way to gain respect is making the roads safer, and the best way to make the roads safer is destroying Bandits. Safer roads means more business for my bar. Every Bandit you destroy in the Wasteland, I'll reward you for it.
Every Bandit Vehicle you destroy, I'll reward you.



Even if you don't visit "Second Chance" or listen to some Wellspring residents telling you to go see Sally, you'll receive an on-screen announcement which will recommend you to do exactly the same thing before leaving Wellspring. So, consider doing it.

It turns out that the bandits on the roads are a major concern. Sally is willing to pay anyone who will take care of that problem, since safe roads mean more visitors, and more visitors mean more money, and some of the money might find a way into your hands if you will be the one to take care of the problem. The only thing required is arming your Dune Buster, or the Rat Rod if you have the Anarchy / Campaign Edition of the game.

Since the quest is continuous, you can keep on destroying bandit vehicles and continue to collect money and the precious Racing Certificates that will allow you to purchase vehicle upgrades. It also means that you can go on to perform other tasks, as this quest will not expire. It should be noted that the Vehicle Combat events also count towards completing the Sally's quest.



  • Xbox 360 After repeated runs out of Wellspring to kill bandit cars and collect the bounty, some car kills will not yield the Proof of Bandit Kill Sally requires for you to get paid. (Possibly an attempt by the developers to prevent you from just spending hours gambling, buying ammo, harvesting vehicle Racing Certificates, and repeating that cycle until you have every vehicle fully upgraded.)