"Rumbles in the Dark" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist. When playing through the game, if loading a play file made before December 18th, 2013, a message will appear shortly after the game finishes loading, giving the player the option to return to the Hagar Settlement and start RAGE: The Scorchers. Normally, the game will load this message upon leaving Ray's Oasis in the quest "Dan's Message", however.


Strange sounds and rumblings have been heard coming from the caves in the Hagar Settlement.
What are you waiting for? Go check it out!


  • Find the entrance to the caves in the Hagar Settlement.
  • Investigate the tremors.
  • Find the source of the seismic activity.
  • Meet up with Sarah.


Despite the maze-like appearence of this level, there is only one path to follow. If you feel like you are getting lost, just re-trace your last few steps and look for the next possible exit from the arena/cavern you are in.

Due to the high number of agile or armed enemies encountered, It is suggested that you upgrade to the shotgun prior to starting. you can also pre-buy the Settler Assault Rifle from Halek Hagar, however you will find the AR halfway through this level anyway.

If you have the Campaign/Anarchy Edition, you can save ammunition by using the Fists of Rage and taking advantage of the level design to minimize the mutants' agility. Do so by frequently retreating from the open caverns, to the various interconnecting tunnels. these tunnels are tight and often force enemies to attack your front one at a time. A single punch from the fists of rage will take a mutant out in these confined spaces.

It seems like you are in a series of tunnels with shaky foundations and will need to chose a left or right turn. Proceeding left will present you with a cut scene and introduce your new-found ally, Sarah. After a few words, you are assigned your first task: to find out who or what is going on underneath the Hagar settlement.

Start to your right through a series of tunnels. Some mushrooms can be found in the first passageway. The first cavern opens up with 5 mutants. Be sure to walk around the 2 center columns and pick up 9 additional mushrooms (some in groups of 2).

The next passageway has 2 mutants camped near a series of lanterns, you may be able to take them out by stealth with Wingsticks if you are clever. An oil can and a wrench are hidden in a box to your left.

The next cavern features an overhead rail which is inaccessible. look for 6 mushrooms. expect 5 mutants, some of which you can use stealth to defeat. The next tunnel is to your right, some tremors will be felt as you proceed.

Cavern 3 is a spooky one with 3 main fight areas. The initial area has some some humans hanging from the roof. They appear to be just for looks and cannot be shot down or looted. The bone pile to the right contains Pistol Rounds and 3 mutants will greet you. There are 2 mushrooms. The exit is via a hard turn to the right behind the second mushroom and through some cobwebs.

You will emerge onto a set of tracks and should find a settler AR and some Steel AR Rounds. careful when you pick them up as a mutant will immediately appear basically on top of you and attack.

Behind the dead guy is 2 cans and a beer bottle. Follow the tunnel tracks to your left. A Sniper Rifle or Fatboys will help here as you can expect 2 mutants to charge you as soon as you proceed back into (a different part of) the same cavern whilst 2 highly accurate flame throwing mutants are hiding up high and will start throwing projectiles at you as soon as you see them. Once safe, proceed around a small which curves to the left with a Combat Shotgun, if available, ready. One mutant will charge you whilst another flame thrower climbs up to a rock and prepares to start firing. He can be picked off easily if you are quick. Beware a second thrower hiding further away.

There are some pistol rounds hidden in a bone heap to the left under a set of wooden tracks before the next tunnel. This next tunnel is quite long. Clearly there is non-mutant trouble ahead as a scripted explosion will give you pause. You will hear your first Scorchers before you see them: a pistol and a Jet. You can just let them go and they may will start fighting each other but usually you will have a decent firefight on your hands. A shotgun will stop the junior Scorcher but you will need multiple HE Grenades or heavy weapons to stop the jet. Afterwards, you will find 2 mushrooms and some buckshot at the entry to the amazingly beautiful underwater lake cavern.

Proceed on the path around the lake side. One mutant will attempt to surprise you from the left. Proceed a little further along and activate 2 mutants and 2 scorchers who will engage in some entertaining trash talk and monster infighting if you let them. Clean up whoever is left. There is an oil can next to the blue colored well and some mushrooms on the wall which exits the cavern.

The next tunnel has some mushrooms behind a pillar. You will hear some scorchers joking and find some steel AR rounds and pistol rounds on a box. Some electrical wire is also sitting next to a strange plunger. You will need to push the plunger to finish the level; it will take out two enemies as well. Once done, kill the remaining club, collect some grenades from a shelf on the left and proceed down the rickety ladder.

Things start stepping up a notch here with a classic firefight with cover against 3 scorcher AR's. Don't miss the beer bottle hidden in a rock cleft to your left or the magic mushrooms to your right. The next tunnel contains 3 mutants and 2 scorchers, a club and an AR. There are some tools hidden here too. Around the corner is another scripted monster infight between 2 mutants and 2 scorchers. you can break it up or sit just back again and clean up whoever is left.

Around the next corner are 2 enemies, and Sarah. She seems the proactive type and deals with them quite well and urges you to hurry up. Follow the tunnel to your right until you reach the rockfall. you will then need to backtrack to your right to find an alternate way to meet Sarah at the lift. Enjoy some nice graphic code causing reflections in the floor as you proceed.

Once you find Sarah and her Sentry Turret, you can join her in the lift, listen to her exposition about the Scorcher threat. She seems like she would appreciate your help and throws in her fancy Nailgun to convince you to take on a new series of quests. Take the new weapon and exit the lift. You are now back at the start of the level and can take the left passageway out to the Hagar settlement.



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