"Roadkill" is an Achievement/Trophy in RAGE. This Achievement/Trophy can be earned by running over 10 mutants.

Use your vehicle to run over any mutants whenever possible if you want to earn this Achievement/Trophy. Note that if you maintain low speed, they may be able to dodge.


Surprisingly, not many mutants lurk on the roads of the Wasteland, and there are a very few places to acquire this Achievement/Trophy. However, it's simple to obtrain near the end of the game.

  • Northern Wasteland:
  • Eastern Wasteland:
    • About ten mutants will appear near the Authority gate to the left of the Jackal Canyon bridge during the quest "Assault the Authority Bridge". Three are waiting for you when you drive there, three more will appear when you approach the gate, and a few more emerge after you blow the gate.
      • The entire Achievement/Trophy can be obtained in this area very simply. Because these mutants do not attempt to evade you, even if you drive very slowly, they are by far the easiest roadkills in the game.
        1. Run over the first three mutants who greet you.
        2. Get out of the car to trigger the next three.
        3. Immediately get back in the car and run over them.
        4. Get out and set the explosive charge on the gate.
        5. Get back in the car as the gate blows and the final four are triggered.
        6. Run over them before or while you drive through the gate.
        • If you mess any of this up and end up with less than 10 roadkills, just enter and exit Subway Town to reset the sequence. (The gate, if already destroyed, will be recreated.)