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The Road Rage Vehicle Combat Rally is one of the multiplayer modes of RAGE. Up to four players compete in a free-for-all match that takes place in an arena designed to make use of vehicles.


There are six maps available: Gearhead Valley, Reactor, Prime, Southern Highway, Meteor, and Abandoned. The Gearhead Valley, Prime, Southern Highway and Meteor maps are based on the Campaign Rally maps, which are in turn based on the locations featured in the Campaign. The Reactor and Abandoned maps are based on locations that aren't present in any other RAGE gameplay mode.

The vehicles come equipped with a handbrake as well as a Boost ability that, in addition to presumably providing a temporary speed increase, can straighten out the vehicle if it's over rotating during a turn using the handbrake. There is also Air Burst available, which allows players to control the vehicle in the air to a certain extent and adjust their landings.

The host player chooses the map and the Rally type, and sets score and time limits. The score limit varies from 50 to 500; the default value is 200. The time limit varies from 2 minutes to 30 minutes; the default value is 10 minutes.

Rally typesEdit

The main objective depends on the Rally type chosen. In Carnage, killing the opponents is the only goal, while the other Rally types require the participants to pick up different "collectibles" that appear around the arena while killing the opponents to steal any Rally Points or Meteors they may have. While the Rally Points provide somewhat of a course to follow, the arenas are open enough that the players can pick their own path.

Rally types
Road Rage race type 1 Meteor Rally Road Rage race type 2 Chain Rally Road Rage race type 3 Triad Rally Road Rage race type 4 Carnage
Meteor Rally Chain Rally Triad Rally Carnage
Collect the fallen Meteors and drive them to Capture Zones to score Take Rally Points and chain them together for increased score Capture three consecutive Rally Points to score Free-for-all Vehicle Combat; kill enemies to score


There are five types of vehicles available in Road Rage, which differ in vehicle's characteristics and starting loadout, as well as default paint jobs. Some vehicle types can be based on different chassis that are well-known to those who played the Campaign.

Road Rage chassis 1 buggy Road Rage chassis 2 cuprino Road Rage chassis 3 monarch
Dune Buster Cuprino Monarch
Available at level 1 Unlocked at level 5 Unlocked at level 10

Vehicle types
Road Rage vehicle type 1 Scout Road Rage vehicle type 2 Enforcer Road Rage vehicle type 3 Outlaw Road Rage vehicle type 4 Executioner Road Rage vehicle type 5 Boss
Scout Enforcer Outlaw Executioner Boss
Available at level 1 Unlocked at level 5 Unlocked at level 10 Unlocked at level 15 Unlocked at level 20


While players participate in Vehicle Combat matches, they earn experience points which, at certain levels, will allow them to choose upgrades, such as better vehicles, better weapons for their vehicle, and quick-use items. There are four types of upgrades: weapons, primary and secondary, and quick-use items, left and right.

Primary weapons
Road Rage primary 1 Machine guns Road Rage primary 2 Heavy machine guns Road Rage primary 3 Nailspreader Road Rage primary 4 Pulse repeaters Road Rage primary 5 Pulse cannon
Machine Guns Heavy
Machine Guns
Nailspreader Pulse Repeaters Pulse Cannon
Available at level 1 Unlocked at level 2 Unlocked at level 7 Unlocked at level 12 Unlocked at level 20

Secondary weapons
Road Rage secondary 1 Homing missile Road Rage secondary 2 Rocket Road Rage secondary 3 Cluster bomb Road Rage secondary 4 Mortar
Homing Missile Rocket Cluster Bomb Mortar
Available at level 1 Unlocked at level 4 Unlocked at level 9 Unlocked at level 16

Left quick-use items
Road Rage left 1 Shield Road Rage left 2 Armor restore Road Rage left 3 EMP Road Rage left 4 Boost restore
Shield Armor Restore EMP Grenades Boost Restore
Available at level 1 Unlocked at level 3 Unlocked at level 8 Unlocked at level 18

Right quick-use items
Road Rage right 1 Mine Road Rage right 2 Air burst Road Rage right 3 Hover turret Road Rage right 4 Escort bomb
Mine Air Burst Hover Turret Escort Bomb
Available at level 1 Unlocked at level 6 Unlocked at level 11 Unlocked at level 18


  • The announcer is the same as the announcer from Quake 3, another popular game from id Software.

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