"Resupply the Watch Tower" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Sheriff Black in Wellspring. It is available after completing the quest "Cuprino Needed".


The Northern Watch Tower needs to be resupplied, but the Bandits aren't making it easy.

Now that you've got a Cuprino, you need to run the Supplies up to the men at the Northern Watch Tower. My men can't hold out forever.

Help my guys, and I'll give you a little something for your effort.


  • Deliver these Supplies to the Northern Guard Tower
    • Head North and West to the Watch Tower
    • Give the Supplies to the Guard
    • Return to Sheriff Black


Tip: After dealing with the bandits on the way to the tower, consider making a few Vehicle Jumps available on the way to the Watch Tower to advance towards getting the Achievement/Trophy "Jumper".
Rage Curtis resupplied.jpg
Rage Resupply the Watch Tower reward.jpg

After acquiring the Cuprino vehicle and completing the quest "Cuprino Needed", the protagonist is tasked with delivering supplies to the Northern Watch Tower. Sheriff Black gives Nicholas a supply pack, and sends him on his way.

This is a rather simple mission. Buy some vehicle supplies if needed, leave to the Wasteland and follow the designated route, which takes you right to the Watch Tower. Watch out for bandit vehicles along the way, and consider trying some Vehicle Combat to complete the quest "Sally's Bounty" once again, if you like to. After you make it to the tower, exit the vehicle and hand the supplies to Curtis who will be quite happy to get those. If you have the Wasteland Sewer Missions DLC, try visiting the nearby sewers, Kvasir's and Plateau respectively, and pick up a Desert Spore available in the area. When done, return to Sheriff Black to complete the job and receive the next mission, "Destroy the Bomb Caches".