"Resupply Dan Hagar" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Sheriff Black in Wellspring. It is available after completing the quest "Arming Your Buggy".


I heard you got some guns for your Buggy.
Now that you can defend yourself, drive these Supplies back to Dan at the Hagar Settlement. He will be waiting for you.
Hurry up, and get those Supplies back to Dan.


  • Take the Supplies to Dan at the Hagar Settlement
    • Drive back West to the Hagar Settlement
    • Give the Supplies to Dan


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Rage Striker Crossbow reward.jpg

Drive from Wellspring to the Hagar Settlement. It's a simple quest, and it can be completed right away. But also it's your first "armed" ride outside, so you might consider making it a little more interesting, and useful at the same time.

There is a Job Board with a few missions available, and it may be the right time to visit the Ghost Hideout to attempt the quest "Missing Person" and pick up the Ghost Pistol card. Also consider advancing towards getting the Achievement/Trophy "Jumper", since there are few Authority drones waiting for you to have fun with the Vehicle Jumps, and don't forget about Vehicle Combat and completing "Sally's Bounty". Also, there might be few Collector Cards that you haven't picked up yet, like Dagger Thrower and Crazy Joe, and some plants like the rare Desert Spore that will permanently increase Raine's maximum health when used as an Apophis Infusion ingredient.

Whenever you would like to finish the ride, just follow the pips on the minimap. They'll guide you to the Hagar Settlement where "Grab the Crossbow" will occur in order for Dan Hagar to reward you with the Striker Crossbow and some ammo. And it's time to head back to Wellspring with the "Wellspring Bound".