The heart of the anti-Authority movement lies here in the Resistance Base. Outfitted with the best technology they can scavenge or steal and more than enough resolve, the Resistance plans their final assault against the oppressive control of the Authority from this refuge hidden below the streets of Subway Town.

The Resistance Base is a location featured in RAGE. It is used by the Resistance, as their base of operations in the Eastern Wasteland.

The Northern Wasteland base is located under the "Second Chance" bar in Wellspring. It will become available after completing the quest "Liberate Captain Marshall"; Elizabeth Cadence will move down there and free the stairs so that Nicholas Raine can pass. It is also available during two Wasteland Legends co-op missions, "Water Service" and "Unwanted Guests". Since the Resistance mainly operates in the Eastern Wasteland, this location is considered the secondary base.

The Eastern Wasteland base is located under Saul's Garage in Subway Town. Being an Ark in the past (the one that Captain John Marshall came from), this base maintains its power supply by making some adjustments to the Ark's power core. Despite the working controls used to call the lift to get down there, it will open up automatically each time the player stops next to the door used to leave the town in a vehicle. However, in order to leave the base, the switch under the lift should be used to call the lift down. This location is considered the primary Resistance Base.


Collector Cards[]


Subway Town:


Below Subway Town
  • It is possible to fall through the level geometry when entering the base via the lift by stepping off at just the right moment during the descent. When done correctly, the platform will push the character through the floor. If the player then faces the lift and moves forward, they will drop a short distance to an invisible floor. From here, they can look up at the interior of the base and Subway Town. There is no way to get back up, so it's advised to save the game before attempting.