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There are people who stand up against the Authority. You could be useful to them. They call themselves the Resistance.
Antonin Kvasir, to the protagonist

The Resistance is a faction featured in RAGE. Despite being outnumbered by any other faction present, this group of people who oppose the Authority are the one of the major forces in the game. They seek to destroy the Authority's power over the Wasteland, and in doing so have led themselves to becoming outlawed and hunted by the Authority. Made up of individuals from throughout the wastelands, it is the largest collection of Ark Survivors outside of the Authority. Led by Captain John Marshall, an Ark Survivor himself, they seek to discover the Authority's true intentions.

They have a base of operations in major cities of the Wasteland. In the Northern Wasteland it is located in the back of the "Second Chance" bar in Wellspring, and in the Eastern Wasteland it is found below Saul's Garage in Subway Town.

The protagonist first encounters them in the town of Wellspring after being told to find them by Antonin Kvasir. Granting his Ark 437a ID Drive with information vital to the Resistance, and later finding the Authority's lost research data in the Dead City, Raine quickly finds out that they may well be the best chance the world has for survival, as they are the only ones who care about the people of the Wasteland's future.

Walker helps the Resistance in a key mission: to infiltrate the Authority's headquarters, in Capital Prime, and force the emergence of all underground Arks. It is implied than the Resistance rescued the newly arrived Ark Survivors and looted the Ark's weapos and technology.

During the subsequent Authority Wars, the Resistance led the fight, and after the defeat of the Authority, the group appears to have been dissolved, but their members become a key part of the Wasteland's main communities, like Wellsprings and Subway Town. Also, their leaders made a secret pact of mutual assistance, Project Dagger, in case of an Authority's return.

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  • Similar to the Authority, the Resistance appears to be testing on Mutants, as evident by an examined Slime Mutant in the Subway Town base.