This is my place, my town, and every bastard here answers to me. What I want, they do.
Redstone, to the protagonist

Redstone, also known as Mayor Redstone, is a character featured in RAGE as the leader and Mayor of Subway Town. If the player goes around Subway Town and talks to other characters, they will mention that Redstone is a ruthless Mayor but compared to the Authority, they rather have him around.

After the Authority occupies Subway Town, people talk of Redstone being removed from power and there is an Enforcer stationed outside his office door. After that, Redstone is never seen nor heard of again in the game, presumably meeting the same fate as Mayor Clayton, kidnapped by Authority for interrogation about hiding the Resistance.


  • He appears to have a dragon tattooed on his head.
  • On his desk is a Blake Griffin bobblehead, which is one of the Easter eggs in RAGE.
  • Redstone is an item in MineCraft, which might mean the Mayor's name is a reference to the Bethesda's lawsuit against Mojang for the Scrolls name. The Mayor's office in Subway Town is also located at the "Red Line".
  • "Redstone" is also the name of Wernher von Braun's ballistic missile model for the U.S. Army (see PGM-11 Redstone for more details). It should be noted that von Braun was also a famous space and rocket enthusiast, which could be a reference to the id Software's chief developer John Carmack, as he is an avid rocket enthusiast.
  • The badge he wears reads "Sheriff - El Paso County - State of Texas".
  • Redstone is voiced by Paul Eiding.