"Recover ID Drive" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by John Marshall in Wellspring. It is available after completing the quest "Liberate Captain Marshall" and the mini quest "Talk to Captain Marshall".


In this world, information is power.
Each Ark Survivor was assigned an ID Drive, a micro drive with crucial Ark Program information, and I bet yours is still in the Ark. We need that ID Drive, and you need to get it. The Ark is just Northwest of the Hagar Settlement.
But be careful, the Authority is sure to be looking for the ID Drive too.


  • Retrieve your ID Drive from your Ark
    • Return to the Ark North of the Hagar Settlement
    • Locate your ID Drive inside the Ark
    • Deliver the ID Drive to Captain Marshall


Tip: The mission itself is an easy one, but await some bandit related problems on the way back. Repair the car fully and stock up on vehicle ammo and quick-use items. And be sure to pick up the Dagger Thrower card before heading back, if you haven't already.
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Leave Wellspring and head back to the Ark 437a. On the way there Elizabeth Cadence will contact you a couple of times to warn about the repeatedly increasing Authority activity at the Dam Facility area.

Once close to the Ark, you'll see the an Authority dropship leaving the area. Drive closer and leave the vehicle to deal with two Authority soldiers in the area. Loot the bodies and continue to the Ark.

The exterior door is open, so head straight to the onboard A.I. stand and pass the bio check. You'll be authorized as Omega 5, and the A.I. will eject the drive. Grab it and head out of the agonizing Ark, only to meet two Authority Drones right away. If you'll be quick enough, as well as accurate, it's possible to shoot them both before they decide to fall back. Anyway, continue to the ground and be prepared to engage the enemies who will shoot back.

There will be two Authority troops, followed quickly by two more from a dropship. Drop the two on the ground, shoot the jetpackers, and you're done with them. Get in the car and leave.

On the way back a Feltrite Storm event will take place at a small valley past the destroyed barricade. Once it's announced, speed up to pick up as many falling Feltrite Crystals as you can, and be prepared to fight the bandits that will keep spawning. Use boost constantly, and hard break to make sharp turns since the storm, unlike the tempest events, will be limited by the valley area, and when you're picking a crystal at one side of the valley, a few more will be descending at the other.

When the event is over, finish off the remaining bandits and continue to Wellspring.