Reaver is a character featured in RAGE. He the leader of one of the bandit groups in the Wasteland, known as the Scorchers. He is also behind the "Firestorm" plans in RAGE: The Scorchers. During Nicholas Raine's assault on the Scorcher Base, Reaver piloted Firestorm. He is eventually killed by Raine, when he goes down with his ship.


Like all Scorchers, he covers parts of his body with flames. His render shows him wielding a Settler Assault Rifle, although he is unarmed in the actual game. He worships 99942 Apophis, just as all other Scorchers.


  • His render isn't unique, as it's used on several other Scorchers.
  • He is the only boss in RAGE that isn't fought head-to-head, aside from the leader of the Authority, Martin Cross, who doesn't appear in-game.