The Rangers of Vineland were a faction in the Wasteland. They used Nanotrites to enhance their weapons and abilities.


During the original war against the Authority, the Authority Wars, Anton Kvasir & Erwina Prowley among others formed the original Rangers. Kvasir was one of the leading minds behind the development of the Ranger armor, which helped the Rangers to destroy the Authority and (apparently) kill Cross. After the victory, under the leadership of the Sergeant Prowley, the Rangers became an isolationism and elitist group, but also the peacekeeper corps of the Wastelands, responsable of protecting civilians, fighting Bandits and Mutants while they made long range explorations. However, their limited numbers and resources made their work hard, and in most of the Wasteland, nobody had ever seen a Ranger, and were surprised when one arrived to defend them. Along their history, the Rangers lost at least thirteen of their members around the wasteland while investigating Ark technology, creating communication bases or invesrigating threats, and, once, one named Iris was left for dead in a battlefield and taken captive.

After the Authority launched the Assault on Vineland, in 2165, all Rangers were captured or slaughtered. Only some soldiers, technicians and support personnel survived the attack.

Walker, the protagonist of RAGE 2, was one of the survivors, and the last known ranger. Their destruction and the death of Aunt Prowley is the reason why Walker decided to fight against the Authority.

In fact, beside him, there was another ranger survivor: Iris, the veteran female rogue, which now leads the Ghosts, having turned into very powerful monsters. However, Iris radical ideas forced Walker to confront and kill her.


Vineland military appears to be divided in three separated units: on top of that, the Rangers themselves, the elite long-range recon scouts, thanks to their training and superior Nanotrites abilities and advanced armor. Under them, the ''Wall Rats'', common infantry without Nanotrites, which protected Vineland's perimeter against outside attacks, and the third, support personel, like mechanics, technicians, and so on.

It appears than the Rangers are trained to act alone, by themselves, but the records show than those sent far away of Vineland operate in pairs, sharing the same base, but from there, operating independently.


The veteran Rangers are original Ark Survivors, which fought in the Authority Wars. The second generation ones are their children, trained by their fathers. After reaching the age of sixteen, they were submitted to an exam to test their abilities. The ones who surpassed it and prove to be able to wear an ranger armor are invited to join the group. The rangers don't recruit people outside Vineland.

Ranger Bases[]


The Rangers used High tech vehicles exclusive for them. The knowns are:



  • As the Nanotrites are necessary to employ Ranger weapons and armors, only the Ark Survivors or the child of two of them can become Rangers: One parent lacks sufficient Nanotrites.
  • The Rangers used the emerged Arks as storage of weapons and nanotrites, as only they can open them.
  • Despite their isolationism, they're highly respected: in the commercial cities, to pose as a Vineland Ranger is a severe crime.

Known Rangers[]

  • Walker
  • Erwina Prowley (leader, deceased)
  • Ranger Jersey (deceased)
  • Goldman (deceased)
  • Ali (deceased)
  • Rikman (deceased)
  • Fisher (deceased)
  • Glass (retired & deceased)
  • Leguin (deceased)
  • Baker (deceased)
  • Wilder (deceased)
  • Hastings (mentioned only).
  • Hawkins (deceased)
  • Bowie (deceased)
  • Lee (deceased)
  • Sharif (deceased)
  • Hector Walker (deceased)
  • Nadia Walker (deceased)
  • Iris (rogue, deceased).

Potentially Rangers[]

  • Tusk
  • Iskandarian