Ranger jersey was a Ranger that was killed in the Assault on Vineland.


Jersey, who appears to be a veteran ranger, was a young bald man. During a patrol, he discovered a Goon Squad bandits ambush zone on a bridge, killing some, and writing a report advising the Rangers to clean the place, but that become impossible. During the Authority's attack, he was surprised on Vineland, he was sent to warn the other settlements of the attack, but never arrived there. The Wall Rats (Walker and Lily Prowley) see a cyber Crusher incinerate two other Wall Rats. Right after, Jersey appeared, riding a Raptor motorbike, he jumped over the Crusher using his Nanotrite's abilities, shooting him while the mutant stomped her bike, but the Crusher gripped him off the ground. Jersey threw a grenade inside the mutant's open mouth, seconds after the Crusher bit his head off, killing Jensen. Even though the mutant killed Ranger Jersey, his head was also dismantled, because of the fact Jersey through an explosive right into the mutant's mouth.


Jersey's final act saved Walker and Lily. The first took the Ranger Armor off Jersey's body, and took his place as a Ranger, and later becoming the last surviving one.