"Radio Tower Repair" is a side quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Rikter Outrigger in Outrigger Settlement. It is available after making minimum progress in the quest "Medical Supplies" and accepting the quest "Where's Juno."


Couldn't help but notice stranger, that gun you're carrying isn't much of anything. Help us out here, and I'll give you a real weapon.
The Radio Tower to the Northeast stopped working, and we need you to fix it. It was probably knocked out of alignment. So just head up there and activate the Auto Calibrate.
You get it working again, and I'll give you a Combat Shotgun we uncovered. Sound good?


  • Realign the Radio Tower up on the ridge
    • Head Northeast to the Radio Tower
    • Activate the Auto Calibrator
    • Take the Zipline down
    • Inform Rikter of your success


Tip: This mission is an integral part of the quest "Where's Juno" and all the way to the Radio Tower is described in the corresponding article, so consider reading it for more details.
The Sentry Turret card is over there
The Rikter Outrigger card is right there, to the left

Head northeast though the ruined buildings to encounter two Wasted. Pick up the Sentry Turret card down some stairs, if you haven't already, and as you go though the buildings you will encounter two more Wasted at long range; you can take them out right away if you have a scoped weapon or you can try and get up close. There is a side path on the way to the radio tower that leads to a urinal. Looking down, you will notice a Night Blossom plant. On rare occasions, despite visitors peeing on it, the plant will produce a bloom for you to pick. After that it's straight to the tower.

Once you have gotten to the tower you will find Juno's remains. Go past him; pick up the Rikter Outrigger card. If you haven't already, head up the ladder and turn on the "Auto Calibrate" which will activate the tower. After that, take the zipline down and go back to Rikter Outrigger who will reward you with the Combat Shotgun.




  • It's impossible not to take this quest because Rikter will block your way until you agree to accept it.
  • It is advisable that you complete this quest at the same time as "Where's Juno," in order to help avoid some backtracking with the above quest.
  • Don't forget to talk to Ramos Outrigger and take the side quest "Mutant Alert" on your way to (or from) Rikter.
  • Every Collector Card picked up counts towards getting the Achievement/Trophy "Gotta Have 'Em All."