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Racing in the original RAGE

Racing is a major gameplay component of both RAGE and RAGE 2.



The players use vehicles to achieve certain goals on a race track, like beating the par time.

Races are categorized in to threes, twos in Subway Town. In Wellspring, races are categorized in three: Beginner's Luck for easier Buggy class races, Speed & Thrills for medium races and Buggy and Cuprino action, and Murder & Mayhem for challenging Buggy and Cuprino class races.

Winning races in single-player rewards the player with Racing Certificates, which can be used to purchase a variety of upgrades to the player's vehicle of choice, such as advanced engines and tires. During the beginning stages of the game, the player is required to win a race and win a vehicle to make some story progress.

Depending on the race settings, vehicles racing may be allowed to use certain abilities and/or weapons to win the race, like in the Rocket Races where vehicles are allowed the use of rockets to destroy the competitors.

Racing is first available after the quest "Destroy the Barricade" when Durar Hagar offers Nicholas Raine the side quest "Durar's Time Trial".


  • Time Trial
  • Non-combat Race
  • Minigun Race
  • Rocket Race
  • Rocket Rally
  • Pulse Rally


  • One of the most difficult races in the game is the Shipyard Rocket Rally at the Subway Town Speedway. It is the first race available in the Road Rage single player circuit. The difficulty of the race comes from the Rally Points appearing randomly with no exploitable pattern. The race will frequently begin by giving one of the non-player controlled racers an immediate Rally Point as it will appear over their vehicle on the starting line.
    • While the pattern of the rally points is random, their locations are fixed. So it is still possible to know where they all appear, beyond this fact there is no easy way to win. Victory relies almost entirely on luck, and patience is required to earn gold.
    • This is the only rally with randomized Rally Points, and the pulse rally that also takes place at this location will have an exploitable pattern.
  • In some races, the use of the handbrake is necessary to navigate the sharp U-turns. Players can find the "Driving Controls" for their corresponding console or PC under Settings -> Controls within the Pause Menu.
  • Any damage done to your vehicle while racing are temporary, and will leave once the race is finished.


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