"RC Prototype" is a side quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Phallinx Hagar in Hagar Settlement. It is available after completing the side quest "A Proposition".


I heard that the Shrouded Clan is working on an Advanced RC Bomb Car Prototype.
If you're willing to head back to the Shrouded Bunker and find the Prototype, I might be able to reverse engineer it. Then I could upgrade your RC Bomb Cars.
Get your hands on an RC Bomb Car Prototype, and I'll upgrade your Schematic.


  • Find the Advanced RC Bomb Car Prototype in the Shrouded Bunker
    • Head back to the Shrouded Bunker
    • Find the RC Bomb Car Prototype
    • Return the Prototype to Phallinx Hagar


Rage Shrouded Bunker 2nd visit.jpg
Rage Shrouded Bunker 2nd visit new loot.jpg
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Rage Shrouded Bunker Prototype.jpg

Follow the pips on your minimap and return to the Shrouded Bunker. You've been there before. You know the drill. A lot of armor piercing and heavy ammo would be quite handy. Also, if you were thorough when visiting the bunker first time, there won't be any loot other than the mentioned below, and no Collector Cards. Otherwise, see the "Destroy the Bomb Caches" article for details.

As you enter, head forward and to the right to encounter two Shrouded ARs and a Minigun. Deal with them and take the lift down. You'll immediately encounter three more ARs, who may fall back into the main room, where two more ARs and another Minigun are waiting. Watch out for grenades.

When done with them, pick up a Doom mug before entering the next area, and advance forward to find a couple of ARs behind the open door to the left and three more downstairs. They'll call in a Minigun when you reduce their numbers somewhat, and things can get a little sticky. There's a locked door to your left, and at some point, they'll burst through there too.

Advance through the now open door and pick up some Buckshot ammo on the shelves to the left. You can either stay high to pick off some of them and then use bomb cars and/or Sentry Bots to get rid of the rest, or head down the ramp and clear them from behind the debris. When done with them, head through the hole where the second bomb cache once was to loot the bodies and pick up Explosive Pack, and head back to the area to pick up the Nanotrite Conduit and deal with an AR inside the archway and a few more behind it. Pick up another Explosive Pack and a RC Car Kit and head through the archway. And once again, watch out for the grenades.

Deal with the AR above the entrance and grab the prototype. Head up the stairs, take a right, and you're at the lift. Take it up, but don't relax, there are 4-5 ARs between you and the exit.

Once you deliver the prototype to Phallinx, he will reward you with the Advanced RC Bomb Car schematic. Note that the bomb cars you have in the inventory will be upgraded to the advanced version at the same moment.