RC Bomb Car

The RC Bomb Car, also referred to as RC-XD (Remote Controlled EXplosive Device), is a quick-use item featured in RAGE. This small radio-controlled car loaded with explosives is a type of weapon and an engineering item.

Nicholas Raine, as well as other people using them, can drive a bomb car through ventilation shafts or behind cover and then detonate the car. The farther the car gets from the user, the weaker the signal gets. This could make the car less responsive to the controls, or potentially cause it to detonate. These items are destroyable by hostile NPCs if they are aware of them being used.

Advanced RC Bomb Car[]

This upgraded RC Bomb Car has a larger explosion radius as well as added EMP damage. Additionally, it has a Boost option that allows it to move more quickly, much like larger vehicles. These features make the Advanced RC Bomb Cars more useful against the Authority and other enemies that would destroy a standard bomb car en route.


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The RC Bomb Car schematic is available from Sheriff Black during the quest "Destroy the Bomb Caches". The Advanced RC Bomb Car schematic is the quest "RC Prototype" reward.

Required ingredients:


  • It is noted that the Shrouded Clan presumably created the bomb cars, and they were working on the advanced version when their bunker was attacked again.
  • An RC Bomb Car will pursue the player whenever passing the Shrouded Bunker, and will continuously reset until the player completes the "Destroy the Bomb Caches" quest.
  • An RC Bomb Car is required to earn the Achievement/Trophy "Three Birds, One Bomb Car".
  • The RC Bomb Car can be used to make certain secret areas accessible, notably the Large Mutant Collector Card location in the Dead City Streets.
    • This room will also be opened without the use of a bomb car in the later mission but will not hold the card.