Rage HD (stylized as RAGE HD) is an iOS game and RAGE spin-off developed and published by id Software for iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad. The game was launched on November 18, 2010. In 2011 update to version 1.11 was issued, bringing bug fixes and new features including Game Center support. Soon the version 2.0 has appeared, the game's major upgrade, and in response to 100,000 likes on the id Software's Facebook page, the developers had decided to give the game for free for one week. It is not updated for 64 Bit so it can't be played on iOS 11.

The game's plot is based on the idea of Mutant Bash show that Nicholas Raine has to star in RAGE to acquire the sponsorship letter from J.K. Stiles, but aside from the Mutant Bash TV studio, the action takes place in a number of different locations. And while some locations might as well be the part of the Wasted Garage or Authority Prison interiors, the other remind of the Shrouded Bunker and Blue Line Station. With the Episode Pack 1 (version 2.0), a few new locations were added.

Unlike RAGE that utilizes JPEG XR compression, Rage HD comes uncompressed and takes about 1.2 GB of space (0.7 for the SD version of the game), and the amount of system resources it uses due to the demanding graphics is considerable for the portable devices.


Rage HD is a typical first person shooter but has an added bonus. A super story line where you are the star in a post apocalyptic TV show called "Mutant Bash TV" having to battle your way through episodes with host of the show J.K. Stiles commenting on your performance throughout.

An interesting story mixed with superior graphics makes this game a hit with hundreds of users. The game comes with three episodes to make your way through with four different difficulty levels from Easy to Nightmare and each episode is graded by J.K. Stiles making the need to get a better rating at a higher level the focus of the game.

Armed with a pistol, machine gun and a shotgun, the aim is to get through all three episodes killing as many mutants, collecting as many Bash Bux and staying as alive as possible. There are a number of different types of mutants, up close and personal mutants who try to scratch your eyes out, ones that try to bash you with large weapons and ones that throw debris and bricks at you from a distance.

Due to its extreme graphics, the game uses a massive amount of memory. A huge file size of 747 MB makes this an app that is difficult to keep on your device long term.[1]


  1. Tenements
  2. Asylum
  3. Bunker
  4. Kraken (DLC)
  5. Aqueduct (DLC)


This game has 5 control schemes. The first is Touch control (control aim with left side of the screen and there is a 'change weapon' button as well, the right screen has the shoot, reload and sprint/dodge buttons. the bottom has your heath bar and the pause button) the second is Tilt Control, (tilt device to control aim, the bottom right to shoot, the bottom left is for dodging/sprinting, the top left to change weapons and the top right to reload) the third is Gyroscope, (the exact same as tilt, except that it is inverted look) the fourth is window (exact same as tilt except that you have to turn your entire body to aim) and the final control scheme is Analog Stick (exact same as Touch except the stick is used to move aiming).



QuakeCon 2010 demo[]

John Carmack presents the iPhone version of RAGE.

Rage HD 1.11 gameplay[]

Bethesda Rage HD 1.11 gameplay video.

Rage HD 2.0 gameplay[]

Golem.de Rage HD 2.0 gameplay video.

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