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RAGE 2 MBTV Lagooney

MBTV (Mutant Bash TV) is a location at Lagooney in the Broken Tract region within RAGE 2.


Mutant Bash TV is organized and owned by Desdemonya. The MBTV arena, survive the onslaught, kill as fast and entertaining as possible to earn a higher score. A higher score means more MBTV Tokens to spend at the MBTV Giftshop.

MBTV GiftshopEdit

The Giftshop offers pistol rounds,assault rifle rounds, shotgun ammo, wingstick ammo, weapon core mod's and weapon skins. To earn more tokens, just enter the area and kill more mutants.

Event RegistrationEdit

If you want to challenge yourself, you can use the optional MBVTV Challenge Board to select different challenges to complete in the arena.

  • Normal - New to MBTV? Start here! No special loadout, fight with your own shit.
  • The Ranger - Looking for a chllenege? Try to win with only pistols and wingsticks.
  • Explode All The Things - MBTV too tame for you? Here's a rocket launcher and grenades-only challenge.


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