The Immortal Shrouded are a mysterious and techno-centric bandit clan featured in RAGE 2. They control the Dune Sea territory of the Wasteland.

They're known for their careful expansionism and honorable combat style. They're highly disciplined and militaristic in nature.


Unlike the River Hogs, who thrive in the wet swamplands up north, and the Goon Squad, whose nomadic lifestyle sees them traveling across the wasteland, the Immortal Shrouded have primarily bunkered down in the inhospitable Dune Sea and Scraplands regions. Their recent expansionist efforts have put them into direct conflict with the Trade Coalition, the only “neutral” faction in RAGE 2. They are also frequently at war with the Goon Squad, who have been trying to expand their control to the Dune Sea. It’s a rivalry between fanatically militaristic order and the ultimate display of anarchy; whereas the Goon Squad are suicidally reckless and fight with no formation or care, the Immortal Shrouded are highly tactical and fight in close-knit teams [1].

The Immortal Shrouded was born from the Shrouded clan of the first RAGE. A gang of mercenary bandits, the Shrouded considered themselves to be the elite and hired out their services to the Authority during the Authority Wars. Over time, they realized that the Authority saw them not as equals but as expendable vermin and chose to break their contract. A self-imposed cleansing would have to take place in order to preserve their honor. In a process called the “Sick Transit,” every third Shrouded was killed at their brothers’ and sisters’ hands and the entire clan exiled themselves far to the east on a journey of atonement. They only recently returned with strange new technology and a new name: The Immortal Shrouded.

As a highly technologically savvy faction, the Immortal Shrouded have made use of advanced gadgets and weaponry from before the coming of Apophis. The most eye-catching and notorious of these technologies are the cutting-edge electrical attacks used by most of the Immortal Shrouded weaponry, made possible with feltrite-enhanced batteries and generators. Many of their members are also equipped with stealth field generators, rendering them nearly completely invisible on the battlefield. Combine the cloaking technology with the ability to deflect bullets with swords, and you’ve got an elite killing force.

“The Immortal Shrouded are a pure warrior clan society – highly disciplined, organized and possessing a burning conviction,” explains Senior Narrative Designer Loke Wallmo. “They believe they are the saviors of the world and everyone that opposes them is an enemy to be vanquished or enslaved. The Immortal Shrouded want nothing less than to save humanity from itself. Chaos will be replaced by order, lawlessness by justice, and greed by honor.”


The Immortal Shroudes are the successors of the original Shrouded Clan from the first game. Initially, during the Authority Wars, they were allied with the Authority, but later they parted ways and became hostile with them.


  • Assaulter
  • Shotgunner
  • Assassin
  • Bolter




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