Bandits are one of the main enemies in RAGE 2. They are roving gangs of killers who survive the harshness of the wastes by forcibly taking from others.

Three primary factions have been depicted in the RAGE 2 Announce and Gameplay trailers, along with a more mysterious "mutant bandit clan" found in the quest "Cult of the Death God". Nonetheless, Bandit clans will be playing a huge role in the upcoming game.



The Abadon are a group of Bandits scouring the Wasteland in search of scrap to use as armor, including taking parts from vehicles. They have bright yellow eyes and, as of right now, are depicted as being heavily armored. Aside from this, however, not much is known about them.



The colorful one on the right is a Goon

The Goons are perhaps the most prominent Bandit clan featured in RAGE 2 advertising; they are the bright-haired neon Bandits that enjoy colorful guns, sports, and mayhem. A high-ranking member of their tribe appears in the marketing boxart for the game. The Goons are formerly The Wasted clan from Rage 1.

River HogsEdit


A Riverhog from the back, as seen in the Gameplay trailer

The vast majority of the description of the River hogs can be derived from their name. They will be encountered around rivers and in swamps, adorned with horns plucked from their hunts. The Riverhogs are a combination of the Scorchers and the Jackals when they were forced to unite together for survival. Seemingly nothing else is known about them, however.

Immortal ShroudedEdit

Immortal shroud117

Immortal Shrouded

The mysterious and techno-centric Immortal Shrouded own the Dune Sea territory. Their tactics include careful expansionism and honorable combat. The Immortal Shrouded have cloaking equipment for their members. Their electric swords that they use have the ability to deflect bullets.

Cult of the Death GodEdit


The pre-order promo for the mission they are featured in

The Cult of the Death God is a Bandit clan likely only to be encountered in the pre-order bonus quest "Cult of the Death God". They are a pack of "mutant bandits" that worship the protagonist of the first RAGE, Nicholas Raine, for his indiscriminant ability to kill hordes of Bandits, Mutants, and Authority troopers. It is unknown what Walker's interactions with them will be.

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