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RAGE is a novel written by Matthew Costello, based on the video game RAGE. The novel centers around Lieutenant Nick Raine, an Ark Survivor who emerges into the post-apocalyptic world of RAGE to confront a "would-be-tyrant."

It alters the fates of some characters found in the actual game. An example would be how Loosum Hagar, who in the game serves only to introduce the protagonist to Wingsticks, is in the novel taken prisoner by the Authority.

The novel was published by Del Rey / Ballantine Books (978-0-345-52936-7, 978-0-345-52935-0) and Ebury Press (978-0-09-194488-9) in August 2011.

It's available on Amazon in English , German & Italian .


The asteroid Apophis has annihilated Earth, and only humanity's best and brightest have been put into stasis and saved. These chosen few are tasked with one vital mission: to restore civilization to a devastated planet hundreds of years after the impact.

When Lieutenant Nick Raine emerges, he finds a future indistinguishable from a nightmare. Humanity was not entirely destroyed, and a primitive new society has appeared. Mutants, bandits and a mysterious military group known as the Authority plague Earth, and a would-be tyrant seeks to impose his will upon the shattered planet. Armed with nothing more than his combat training and survival instincts, Raine must rise to meet the challenges of the wasteland.

Notes Edit

  • The novel tends to change the personalities of some of RAGE's characters (e.g. Clayton is corrupt, Halek is unfriendly).


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