For the list of vehicle quick-use items, see Vehicle quick-use items.

Sentry Bot in action

Below is the list of all the quick-use items Nicholas Raine uses in RAGE. There are a few types of these items which can be used to heal the protagonist and fight enemies. Most of the quick-use items are engineering items that can be created with the use of corresponding schematics, but some of the items don't need to be crafted and can be used right after they're found in different locations throughout the Wasteland, bought from vendors or received during a quest, whether as an item useful for the quest walkthrough or as a reward for its completion.

Item Waymark
Adrenaline Overdrive Mutant Alert
Advanced RC Bomb Car RC Prototype
Advanced Sentry Bot Subway Town
Advanced Sentry Turret Subway Town
Advanced Wingsticks Subway Town
Apophis Infusion Miracle Cure
Authority Augmenter Subway Town
Bandages Where's Juno
EMP Grenades Liberate Captain Marshall
HE Grenades Quell the Bandit Threat
RC Bomb Car Destroy the Bomb Caches
Regenerative Infusion Abandoned Distillery
Sentry Bot Dan's Message
Sentry Turret Dan's Message
Wingstick Wingstick Mastery