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Below is the list of all the quest items in RAGE. After completing the related quests, some of the items will become available to Nicholas Raine and may be used in different schematics or in some other way, like selling them to vendors, while the other items will disappear from the game permanently.

Item Quest
Comet Bloom Comet Bloom
Ghost Toxin Hijacked Well, Deadly Delivery
Juno's Remains Where's Juno
Letter for Rikter Medical Supplies
Mutant Adrenal Gland Visit Sewers
Night Blossom Miracle Cure
Proof of Bandit Kill Sally's Bounty, Brick's Bounty
Security Access Card The Scorcher Threat
Tow Truck Radio Grab the Radio
Vial of Blueshine Abandoned Distillery, Bounty Hunter