The Project Dagger was a secret pact of mutual help between old Resistance Members.


After the Authority Wars, when the Authority was defeated and vanished, the previously united Resistance divided. Most of them believed the Authority finished, and his leader, General Martin Cross, dead. However, some of their leaders knew better, so they made a secret pact to help mutually in case of the Authority's return, to destroy them forever by killing Cross. Project Dagger wasn't only a pact: it was the code name of a projected Nanotrite virus specifically designed to kill the inmortal General. However, it was never developed by lack of resources, and was suspended after Vineland closed his doors to outsiders. Only three decades later, in 2165, the Authority's return during the Assault on Vineland and the Rangers group annihilation made it activated. It was Walker, the only surviving Ranger, the one which activated it and, asking the help of all other Dagger members, activated it, helped create the weapon and used finally to kill Cross.

Beside the weapon's creation, Dagger also helped stabilizing the Wastelands, when Walker get rid of the Mutants infestation under Gunbarrel city, and the millionary Klegg Clayton, an allied of the Authority, was throw out of Wellsprings.


Project Dagger was, essentially, formed by four people:


Project Dagger is the name not only of the weapon and secret pact, but also the name of the main quest of Rage 2.