Heya hot shot.
Olive to Nicholas Raine.

Olive is a minor character featured in RAGE.



Nothing is known of Olive's early life. She is a resident of Wellspring.

Events of RAGE[]

In 2135, when Nicholas Raine first arrives in town, she complains to him regarding the Authority and their role in shutting down Jackpots, the local casino.

Following this interaction, she can most often be found by Jackpots sign or outside Mick's Garage. She will occasionally comment on Raine's recent actions, at one point warning him that causing trouble for the Authority will cause trouble for Wellspring.

After the Authority occupies the town, she will warn Nicholas to lay low, encouraging him to leave town in order to evade capture.

Notable quotes[]

Low on cash? I hear Stanley, over at Stanley's Express, is always looking for good drivers. It's a good way to earn a little extra on the side.
Olive to Nicholas Raine.
Jackpots is closed. Authority has gone and shut her down, but if you're looking for a game of chance, keep your eyes peeled for pickup games around town.
Olive to Nicholas Raine.
Rumors around town say the Authority's been up to something again in Dead City. I don't take much stock in rumors, but if you're heading that way, keep your eyes open.
Olive warning Nicholas Raine about Dead City.
That 'thing' just dropped in. Now it's spouting crap and propaganda. If the Authority thinks it can scare us with that, it's sadly mistaken.
Olive referring to the Authority propaganda machine in Wellspring.



  • Olive was voiced by American actress, voice actress, model, and singer Vanessa Marshall.
  • In the loading screen for the "Unwanted Guests" mission in Wasteland Legends, an image of Olive is depicted while the narrator mentions that she "remembers the last time the Authority was looking for someone," referring to a previous occupation attempt by the Authority in Wellspring.
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