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I hear Oasis is beautiful this time of year.

Oasis is a location mentioned in RAGE: The Scorchers. Clive seeks to travel there to escape the Scorchers who are after him, but first needs a ticket from J.K. Stiles. The protagonist is then tasked by Sarah to go compete in another series of Mutant Bash TV, this time in a different location, during the quest "Ticket to Oasis".

RAGE 2[]

Oasis takes its name from the large casino that was destroyed in the Authority Wars. The new Oasis is a small Trading post that serves as a tenuous no-fire zone between the Immortal Shrouded and the Trade Coalition.


  • This and Gunbarrel are the two canon settlements never visited by the protagonist.
  • Oasis may also be a reference to a location in Fallout 3, another game published by Bethesda.