I'm not getting any younger fella.
Norbu to Nicholas Raine while waiting for his Comet Bloom.

Norbu is a minor character featured in RAGE.



Nothing is known of Norbu's early life, though he speaks with a slight accent. He is an elderly resident of Subway Town, a rarity in the Wasteland.

Events of RAGE[]

In 2135, when Nicholas Raine first arrives in Subway Town, he can be found outside the Fez bar, near the entrance to the Blue Line tunnels and the guard Clint.

Norbu will eventually call out to Raine, and informs the former marine that his achy old bones need relief. As such, he offers the "Comet Bloom" quest, during which Nick must retrieve some Comet Bloom, a plant that grows in the wasteland, for him to brew into a medicinal tea.

After Raine accepts the "Assault Capital Prime" quest, Norbu can be overheard discussing rumors about something under the Authority control that's supposedly over sixty feet tall, though he thinks it can't possibly be real.

Notable quotes[]

Well, that is troubling news, but I can't believe it's that big!
Norbu, commenting on the rumors of giant mutant.
Oh my friend, you would think I'm crazy if I told you. Best not to say anything.
Norbu to Nicholas Raine.
My muscles and joints getting old. Making it harder and harder for me to walk around these days. But I heard of a plant called Comet Bloom. I hear chewing it makes the pain go away. Trouble is, I ain't got no way of getting it; the stuff grows near impact craters like those way North of here in Gearhead territory.
Norbu to Nicholas Raine


  • He was voiced by Keone Young, who also provided the voice of Coffer.
  • Norbu is a family name of Tibetan origin meaning "jewel".
  • He has a tattoo on his left bicep, though it is mostly covered by the sleeve of his shirt.
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