“I'm not getting any younger fella.”
―Norbu, if the player speaks to him after accepting the Comet Bloom quest

Norbu is a character featured in RAGE. He is a resident of Subway Town and is initially found near the Blue Line tunnel entrance, but later on he moves to the "Jani's Supplies" store.

His achy old bones need relief, and as such, he asks the Nicholas Raine to retrieve a Comet Bloom for him in the quest "Comet Bloom".

At the end of the game, after the protagonist accepts the mission "Assault Capital Prime", Norbu can be overheard discussing rumors about something under the Authority control that's supposedly over sixty feet tall, though he thinks it can't possibly be real.

Quotes Edit

“Well, that is troubling news, but I can't believe its that big!”
―Norbu, commenting on the rumors of giant mutant
“Oh my friend, you would think Im crazy if I told you. Best not to say anything.”
―Norbu, to the protagonist
“My muscles and joints getting old. Making it harder and harder for me to walk around these days. But I heard of a plant called Comet Bloom. I hear chewing it makes the pain go away. Trouble is, I aint got no way of getting it; the stuff grows near impact craters like those way North of here in Gearhead territory.”
―Norbu, activating the Comet Bloom quest


  • The giant creature he's unable to believe to exist is likely to be the Giant Mutant, similar to the one the protagonist meets in the Dead City during the quest "Defibrillator Upgrade".
  • Norbu has a Asian-like face, and his name is of Tibetan origin. However, he doesn't speak with an Asian accent.
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