An example of post-apocalypse flora. Known to stimulate endorphins.

Night Blossom is a type of post-apocalypse flora in RAGE. It is a quest item and ingredient used to create engineering items. Like Comet Bloom, it will grow back periodically through the course of the Campaign.




Night Blossom, unusually growing between the rubble in the Ghost Hideout

  • Two will be rewarded for finishing the side mission "Miracle Cure."
  • Five can be found in the Swamp. Heading from the dock to the crater, there are three on the right side and two on the left. One of these on the left is less obvious; walk where the water creates a little alcove and it's in the grass.
  • Behind the locked door in the Ghost Hideout. A glitch is possible there similar to the Comet Bloom glitch. If the player takes Night Blossom from the room, leave the hideout and immediately return back there, they will find that the plant has respawned.
  • In the bathroom in the Wasted Garage area.
  • Behind the locked door in Subway Town.
  • Unlimited quantities can be purchased from Jani in the "Jani's Supplies" for $35 each.
  • In Jackal Canyon:
    • At the start on the right up high on a ledge right by the entrance.
    • On the rocky ledge right before the elevator with the red control panel.
    • After the bridge that goes under the ship, on the right side of the rocky path (behind a large stone).

The Scorchers DLC[]

  • Two Night Blossoms are added through RAGE: The Scorchers.
    • In the Scorchers' main base, look in an alcove to the left of Stew.
    • In the Scorchers' main base, right after climbing the first set of narrow stairs near Stew (the game will warn you to save), turn right opposite the main stairs' entrance and search down below.