An Ark personnel getting injected with experimental nanotrites

“Tiny, molecular "robots" injected into a host organism, capable of enhancing or suppressing a wide range of biological functions.”
―Rage comic book, 1st issue

Nanotrites were the "super-science" of the year in which the Arks were buried. The symbiotic microcomputers preserve the body of their host and struggle to "repair" it after injuries. Nanotrites were implanted in all residents of the Arks before 99942 Apophis hit. Nicholas Raine has these injected within him at the start of the game.

When the protagonist is incapacitated, the Nanotrites are able to activate a Defibrillator, which will also send an electric pulse that kills or stuns everyone within the vicinity, and work to keep the host alive and active. The Nanotrites are why the Authority seek out Ark Survivors before escorting them to Capital Prime for reasons unknown. Later as the protagonist continues on the story, Elizabeth Cadence tells him that the mutants were not created due to the asteroid impact effects but by the Authority experimenting with Nanotrites on mutant subjects for unknown purposes.


  • In the novel, Elizabeth says that she and her husband were part of the main research team responsible for the creation of Nanotrites.
  • In the novel, Antonin Kvasir says that Nanotrites were and are helpful until the Authority made them "change" and injected these new Nanotrites into human and mutant captives in order for the creation of super-soldiers which is part of the Black Cauldron Project. The only success of the program is known as the Authority Mutants.
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