"Mutant Expansion" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Foreman Jones in Subway Town. It is available after making minimum progress in the quest "Foreman Jones".


I got a big problem. Damn Muties ripping through my work down here.
My guess is they clawed their way into the Blue Line Station, and now they're all over. Someone's gotta stop 'em, they got this whole expansion operation just about shut down! At the end of the bridge out of Subway Town there is a path. Follow the path down and to the right, and you'll see the entrance.
Find a way to stop the Muties then come back and report.


  • Seal off the Blue Line Station
    • Enter the Blue Line Station under the bridge to Subway Town
    • Find the TNT left by the workers
    • Find the Detonator in the Blue Line
    • Plant four TNT bundles in the Blue Line Tunnel
    • Use the Detonator to collapse the tunnel
    • Return to Foreman Jones in Subway Town


Tip: By the time you're given this quest the Advanced Sentry Bot and Advanced Wingstick schematics are already available at "Jani's Supplies", as well as the heavy upgrade for your armor, so consider buying what you can, and don't forget to stock up on ammo. Also, see the Blue Line Station article for details on how to open the Guacamolito stand.
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Leave Subway Town on foot, as driving won't save you much time. Follow the way under the bridge and pick up a Desert Spore to the right after the sand bags. Once inside, take the Hardware Packet from the counter ahead before heading down the stairs. If you're quick enough, you can shoot the mutants you see or clip them with a Wingstick, but since they don't drop loot, it's just for fun.

Pick up a Gas Can to the left, and when in the train, turn right and into the dead end to pick up another Gas Can and a set of Feltrite Crystals. Head back and through the train. Loot the vending machines ahead along with a nearby ATM and watch the mutants run away. Up the stairs and to the right. Loot the ATMs, pick up some Paint Cans and use an Electro Bolt or some weapon with the EMP effect on the yellow electrical box mounted next to the security grill to open the Guacamolito stand and pick up some loot and the Dyno-Mutant card.

Head back and into the bathroom area for some Beer Bottles. Crouch and look under a stall door for a Water Purifier. When you pass the stairs on the way there, look left near the lootable vending machines and some wrenches on the floor, and you'll see the TNT. Pick it up whenever you're ready.

Warning: Once you do this, the grill will drop, and you'll be swarmed by mutants, so check the ammo you find there and prepare whatever weapon you're gonna use (the Combat Shotgun might prove quite handy). Also you could deploy a Sentry Bot / Sentry Turret to assist you.

Eventually the grill will open. Shoot your way downstairs, and watch out for the suicidal Dyno-Mutants (they run at you with their "Boomsticks" and detonate). A door ahead will open and more mutants will swarm out, so deal with them and head in. There is a Doom mug on the tables ahead as you enter, two bodies, some ingredients on a counter and a white coffee mug along with some books.

Once you're done, head into the crashed train to leave this room; if there is a Sentry Bot, it won't be able to follow, so loot it. As you exit, you can't get back up either, so deploy another one, you might need it right away.

You'll be swarmed with mutants once again. Make sure you eliminate the fire throwing Scoop Mutants as soon as possible, and watch for the Dyno-Mutants. When done with them, loot the bodies along with the vending machines and make sure to grab the suitcase to the right (on top of the rubble next to the bench with the trash bags underneath and the trash can behind it) before you head up the stairs. Pick up some Buckshot on the bench and take a right to deal with a few more mutants and pick up some books to the left, Bandages and Beer Bottles a little further, and a few Oil Cans ahead. Head down for some ammo (including Pop Rockets), then continue to the station's foyer and prepare for another fight. A Large Mutant will eventually spawn after a few waves of grunts. Keep moving and send him some Wingsticks while you deal with the minor mutants, as well as a couple of clips of Pop Rockets to its face.

Loot the four vending machines in the area and head up the stairs. Don't pay attention to the mutants running, instead head forward to pick up a Gas Can to the right, some Buckshot in a car to the left and a couple of HE Grenades in another car to the left of the exit. Move down, pick up another Gas Can from a train's front door, shoot your way through a technical tunnel, and you'll reach the destination. Shoot some mutants, place the TNT in the glowing spots, then head up and loot the bodies on the floor and ATMs and vending machines. There is a suitcase and some bottles at the opposite end of the tunnel where the dynamite is placed.

Once ready, pop the plunger and prepare for more mutants: after the dynamite detonates, one or more Krakens will be summoned (this depends on the difficulty level), together with a group of grunts. Deal with them, wait for a few more grunts to open the train's door behind you and then shoot your way out.

Head back to Jones to complete the mission.