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Mutant Bash TV is a location featured in RAGE and its sequel RAGE 2. It is a TV studio located in the Northern Wasteland, not far from Wellspring. The only program the studio produces is the Mutant Bash show hosted by J.K. Stiles. The show is very popular in the Wasteland. There are four arenas in the show to pass through, and the contestants are rewarded after each arena.

Nicholas Raine must star in the show — and survive — during the quests "Mutant Bash TV" and "The Re-Run", and it is also featured in Wasteland Legends.

The building consists of a lobby connected straight to the control center where J.K. Stiles is found, and the arenas area. There are four arenas, each has its own unique features. The arenas are connected by an elevator and a few corridors, and there are cameras all over the place. The music that plays in the arena is mainly unrecognizable carnival music and stadium style music.


The first arena is called the "Chamber of Laughs" and is decorated to resemble some carnival attractions. There are a few pipes used to bring the mutants in, and more are added from above when J.K. decides to add some heat. Under the floor, there are platforms that are used to bring up some Scoop Mutants, while the grunts may use the platforms' shafts as ladders when the platforms are elevated.

The second arena is called "Monkey Business" and decorated to look as a piece of jungles. It has a big spinning gorilla figure with sharp blades installed. The contestants are usually brought there by an elevator, and the mutants use pipes. When the arena is active, there is a lot of blood splattered all over the place, since some of the pipes end right above the gorilla figure's route.

The third arena, the "One Armed Mutant," has some casino motifs in the design and is a home to a giant one-armed bandit. The competitors shoot a target to stop three large spinning wheels on the wall. The objective is to avoid the skull squares, and to try to stop the wheels at the squares that have three dollar signs on them. If unsuccessful in landing on the dollar sign, Mutants will begin to spawn. Mutants use the hatches on both sides of the machine to enter the arena.

The fourth and final arena, the "Shipwreck Cove," is decorated as a piece of a sea coast with a ship, which is apparently to be wrecked by a giant octopus, and some rocks painted on the walls. It has the most complicated infrastructure of all arenas. Once the arena is active, there are spikes coming from the floor all over the place, controlled by lights that track the route around the arena. And there is a holding cell used to contain one of a larger mutants, Kraken, until it's released at the end of the show.

Also, this arena houses the Dopefish Easter egg.


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In the Second Chance bar
  • Mutant Bash TV is the only known television show in the Wasteland.
  • Mutant Bash TV is the easiest location to earn large amounts of money quickly. The players can use Sentry Turrets or bots to rack up kills while throwing a single Wingstick to get a single kill in each room themselves. The single kill is required for 100% accuracy bonus, as the sentries do not count toward accuracy but their kills do count toward the cash amount. It is possible to earn 830+ dollars every two and a half minutes this way (not counting travel time between rooms, jackpot bonus and Dopefish minigame).
  • The Dopefish minigame allows the player to nearly double the final amount of cash awarded. In the final area, "Shipwreck Cove", the player needs to shoot 3 lights from right to left above the ship on the left side of the room. After the 3rd light is hit, the Dopefish will begin to "jump" over the 3 sets of waves from left to right. Shoot the Dopefish each of the three times to achieve the maximum bonus.
  • In The Scorchers DLC, the player cannot replay the Bash Canyon mission after completing the "Ticket to Oasis" quest in the campaign. It can however be played in the Combat Scenario Selection.


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  • It is clearly a parody of the cult classic arcade game, Smash TV, with the host having aged somewhat unfavorably.
  • On November 18, 2010, id released a standalone product for iOS devices based on the Mutant Bash gameplay, Rage HD. The game is an on-rails shooter that lets the player control the camera and weapons.
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