"Mutant Bash Canyon" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by J.K. Stiles in Mutant Bash TV. It is available after completing the quest "Mutant Bash TV".


Complete all arenas of Mutant Bash Canyon alive!
If you make through in one piece the ticket to Oasis is yours.


  • Finish Bash Canyon alive and win the ticket to Oasis.


Tips: Consider preparing enough Sentry Turrets and/or Sentry Bots to protect you and assist them when it's needed. This will make this much easier and also will help you to advance towards getting the Achievements/Trophies "Arts and Crafts", "Tinkerer", as well as "Keep 'em Coming" / "Passive Aggressive" and "Mechanocide". It is also advised to stock up on Bandages and ammo, especially for the Combat Shotgun and/or automatic weapons.
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After accepting the quest, you will be teleported to the Bash Canyon location, into a large beginning corridor. Proceed down that corridor until you reach an elevator similar to those found in the Hagar Caves and Jackal Canyon. Proceed onto it, and wait to be raised up into the first arena of action.

The elevator will open to a large two sided area, decorated as an episode of Mutant Bash would be, including familiar Balloon Bombs from Jackal Canyon, as well. It consists of two rather circular areas: the one on the right will have a tall wall next to it, while the one on the left will have the entrance way to the next arena, which will open as soon as you survive the first.

The first few Mutants will appear soon after entering, hopping from the gaps in the wall on the left to falling off the one to the right. Take them out and wait for more. Some will soon explode out of the ground with green confetti accompanying them. Take them out, and once all Mutants have been killed, you may proceed to the left and through the door to the next arena.

This next arena is a circular area with blood covering the floor and a large catwalk overlooking it at the front. Two targets are at the ends of said catwalk. To begin, several Mutants will climb up from the cliff of the Canyon, pop out from the sides, and from behind you, and begin to attack you. Take them out by any means, and wait for the next.

After killing several Mutants, a Large Mutant will be lifted up by an Air Balloon to the catwalk. He will roar as several Mutants come from underneath him, climbing out of the canyon, also trying to distract you. He will soon begin to fire his Flame weapon, with will deal massive damage to you if you are not careful. He will tend to go from side to side on the catwalk, so shoot the targets on the corresponding side to send an HE Grenade-like explosive down on the Large Mutant. This will harm him and cause him to stop his bombing rampage for at least a short while. Take out the remaining Mutant Clubs and then worry about the large one. He will go down after about three explosive hits and several clips of Steel AR Rounds. After he falls, proceed through the door to the "intermission".

Here is the "intermission" stage. It features five rather crude targets of Mutants to be shot in a semi-exposed cavern. One will appear to your left and right at each section except for the last, so be wary and fast to take them out for an extra money prize. After doing that, proceed to the opening at the end and onto a dangling catwalk overlooking the canyon.

On this catwalk, two Mutants will climb up in front of you, raring to try and kill you. Take them out by any means necessary, and proceed forward slightly to see a Scoop Mutant throwing fire projectiles at you. Take it out, then take out the two that charge you right after him. Then, at the end of the catwalk will be a cache of 24 Pistol Rounds, 12 Fatboys, 120 Steel AR Rounds, 16 Buckshot, and 2 Bandages. Pick them up, and proceed through the doorway to your left.

This next arena, "Shipwreck Island", features much variety in the adversaries. Several Mutants will be the first to attack you; take them out and wait for more. Then, two more Mutants will rush you, along with a Slime Mutant, not before seen in single player Bash TV. He will be stronger than regular Mutants, so use the Fatboys to take him out. There will be three of them for this arena. Use the Fatboys and any other means to take out the ten or so Mutants remaining in the arena, avoiding the Balloon Bombs that will fall down upon you, then proceed through the door to your right.

This is the final main arena, aptly titled "Kraken Returns". About four Club and Dagger mutants will appear; take them out. After they are dead, a shipping container will drop a Kraken in a flurry of confetti. Use Fatboys, explosives, and other special Ammunition to take him out, along with the smaller mutants around it. When they are defeated, the door in front of you will open and you can proceed through.

Once you go through the door, go down the hole in front of you, then traverse through the winding corridors until you reach the cliff once again. Proceed to the circular platform with the Turret on it. Upon using this Turret, the final stage, "Aerial Assault" will begin. It is by far the easiest stage of them all, as it requires you to shoot at Mutants flying in the air being shot from three cannons across the canyon. Shoot them and watch them comically explode. J.K. will eventually begin to send waves of two and three flying mutant; do your best to take them all out in time. Once this stage ends, the player will be teleported back to Mutant Bash TV, and the quest will be complete.


  • Some Balloon Bombs won't explode when shot while others will.
  • The Slime Mutants disintegrate like all other Mutants, unlike the Slime Mutants encountered in the Dead City.
  • J.K. Stiles will use the same dialogue when referring to this quest as he does with "The Re-Run".
  • Using melee weapons like the Fists of Rage will result in no accuracy.