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Mutant Bash returns in RAGE 2

Mutant Bash is the TV show broadcasted from Mutant Bash TV studio in the Northern Wasteland. Hosted by J.K. Stiles, it is very popular in the Wasteland. The objective is to survive through all four arenas in the show, and the contestants will be generously rewarded if they fulfill the task. It makes an appearance in both RAGE and RAGE 2, however its role in the latter is unknown.

Those who are brave enough to attempt starring in the show will face hordes of mutants. Club Mutants, Dagger Throwers, Scoop Mutants, Dyno-Mutants… and the Kraken! Mutants will swarm the contestants, and despite some Bandages and ammunition being available in the areas between the arenas, only the strongest will survive.

The contestants are required to walk tall, shoot straight and play rough. The most efficient and spectacular mutant bashing performance will net them the richest reward. Also it should be noted that the mutant bashing is the main part of the show, but not the only one. In the "One Armed Mutant" arena, the future stars of the show will be given an opportunity to show their skills and hit a jackpot of money — in other case, you guessed it, it will be a "jackpot of mutants".

The show features in the quests "Mutant Bash TV" and "The Re-Run", and in the Wasteland Legends co-op missions "Season 1: Pilot" and "Extermination". In RAGE: The Scorchers, Mutant Bash TV hosts a different variant of their traditional show in Mutant Baash Canyon, a much more hyperviolent version of their regular programming. It may be seen on the screens not only in the Northern Wasteland, but in the Eastern Wasteland as well, and the people around will occasionally recognize the winner's face.


  • It is the only known TV show in RAGE.