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RAGE 2 Monster Truck.png

The Monster Truck is a River Hogs vehicle featured in RAGE 2.


Monster Trucks are a more recent invention of the River Hogs, based on ancient designs of combat cars from the mythical time before the Apocalypse. Naturally these vehicles are built to inspire fear, but their high suspension and massive tires also make them useful in flooded marshlands.



Mutant Monster Truck skin[]

A custom skin that changes the appearance of the Monster Truck. The 'Mutant Monster Truck skin' is only for for those as a pre-order bonus. It was announced on May 15, 2018 that the Monster Truck skin would be available for use in-game for anyone who pre-orders RAGE 2.

Run over enemies in style with this exclusive vehicle skin. The truck is self-cleaning, so don’t worry about those pesky blood stains messing up the pearl coating.
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