Half a binocular… the good half.

The Monocular is a weapon modification featured in RAGE. It is the first weapon mod available and can be purchased from Halek Hagar in the Hagar Settlement for $25 in the very first stages of the game or from Coffer in Wellspring and Jani in Subway Town later on. Unlike the other mods, it can be disabled by selling it back to any vendor for $15.

The Monocular is a small scope that can be used with the Settler Pistol, the Double Barrel Shotgun[1], and while using the Fists. The player can stay scoped in for the Settler Pistol and the Double Barrel Shotgun until they must reload. When scoped in with the Fists, they will be brought out of the view to punch and return to the normal view.

The Monocular is very useful for the Settler Pistol as it adds very good accuracy at medium range, with minor downsides:

  • It is not useful to zoom in on close enemies. This isn't too much of an issue however, seeing as the Double Barrel Shotgun and Combat Shotgun are much better for close range encounters anyway.
  • There is more spread to the shots compared to regular iron sights. As range increases, the pistol becomes less useful. At very long distances the pistol becomes useless. Without the Monocular and using only the regular zoom with iron sights, even distant enemies can be hit with near sniper-rifle precision as long as you can put the enemy over the iron sights. For example, during Destroy The Barricade, it is possible to take cover inside the pipe on the left side of the canyon, just past the canyon entrance; and from even that extreme range, using only the pistol (WITHOUT the Monocular), head-shot the Shrouded Bandits.
  • Shooting upward appears to have even less accuracy and more spread when using the Monocular, compared with just the iron sights, even at medium range. For example, during Destroy The Barricade, if you crouch behind the pillar in front of where the explosive charges are to be set, it is virtually impossible to hit the gunners shooting down at your position when using the Monocular, even though the Monocular normally has excellent accuracy at such ranges.


  • When used, the Monocular is not attached to the Settler Pistol or Double Barrel Shotgun in any way; the protagonist simply holds it up to his eye with his left hand while firing weapons as normal with his right. This would make the Monocular totally useless as a scope, as the position of its crosshair bears absolutely no relation to the direction the weapon is pointing.


  1. The Double Barrel Shotgun is the Anarchy Edition / Campaign Edition bonus content.