"Monarch Needed" is a side quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Mayor Redstone in Subway Town. It is available after completing the quest "Gearhead Vault" and accepting the quest "The Price of Power".


That Cuprino you're driving is not going to last long against what's waiting for you out there.
If I were you, I'd see about getting something with a little more fight in it. I hear Starky's been flapping his lips, bragging about his skills and his Monarch. Maybe you should start with him. He's downstairs by Sparky's.
Go see Starky, and don't come back till you've got his Monarch.


  • See if Starky will race for his Monarch


The Mayor's proposal is quite reasonable, so go see Starky. You can find him downstairs near Sparky's Autoparts, toying with the Monarch's key. Speak to him and accept his quest "Starky's Monarch". The quest is essentially the same thing as the "Starky's Challenge" mission back in Wellspring.

When you beat Starky and complete the "Starky's Monarch" mission, this quest will be over.


  • It is advised to complete this mission together with the "Starky's Monarch" because the Monarch vehicle is worth any efforts, and beating Starky is not that hard, anyway, as he is arguably less difficult to beat than Minx.