The Monarch is a vehicle featured in RAGE. Only Subway Town Speedway star racers and some bandits are known to drive Monarchs. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the Monarch is the best vehicle in the Wasteland. It can enter the most challenging Monarch class races.

The Monarch is a heavily armored combat car that carries both the Miniguns and Rocket Launchers plus a Pulse Cannon, a rare and very powerful vehicle weapon. Its basic armor is twice as tough as the heavy armor for the Cuprino, and can be upgraded even further.

In the Campaign, it is only available after completing the quests "Starky's Monarch" and "Monarch Needed".


Icon Item Description Cost
Rage Dune Buster Tires Standard.png Standard Decent tires for driving around the Wasteland.
Rage Dune Buster Tires Standard Spiked.png Standard Spiked The same Monarch tires you love but with car-slashing spikes! 25
Rage Dune Buster Tires Performance.png Performance Extra traction means tighter turns and better control for your Monarch. 30
Rage Dune Buster Tires Performance Spiked.png Performance Spiked Extra traction and tire-popping spikes! Who could ask for more? 40
Icon Item Description Cost
Rage Cuprino Armor basic.png Basic The basic Monarch armor is still twice as thick as the heaviest Cuprino armor.
Rage Cuprino Armor medium.png Heavy Feltrite reinforced heavy armor for your Monarch. Maximum protection! 30
Icon Item Description Cost
Rage Dune Buster Themes Second hand.png Starky's Starky thought this paint theme was cool, do you?
Rage Monarch Theme Scorcher.png Scorcher Look like one of the comet-worshiping bandits, the Scorchers. 10
Icon Item Description Cost
Rage Dune Buster Booster Evenflow.png Standard Pure-flow Standard Pure-flow Monarch boost. Now you're boostin' with Pure-Flow.
Rage Dune Buster Booster Evenflow 2x.png Advanced Pure-flow Advanced Pure-flow Monarch boost. The best boost in the Wasteland! 45


  • Even though the Monarch appears to fire only one rocket at a time, ammo usage and damage dealt prove that it does in fact fire two.
  • The Monarch comes with Miniguns, Rocket Launchers and Pulse Cannon preinstalled, more base weapons than any other vehicle.
  • In Wellspring, beside the man leaning on the Dune Buster facing the Mick's Garage, is an unusable variant of the Monarch with Miniguns equipped and an unique paint job similar to the "Second Hand" theme of the Cuprino.
  • The Heavy Armor upgrade encloses the car entirely, so any paint job will be covered by it.


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