Modifications are additions to weapons featured in RAGE. Each mod either improves some of the weapon's qualities or changes it fundamentally. Most modifications can be purchased from vendors for dollars, and the Sniper Rifle Auto-Loader is received automatically upon accepting a certain quest.

There are six modifiable weapons total; they are the Sniper Rifle, the Settlers Assault Rifle, the Settler Pistol, the Authority Machine Gun, the Combat Shotgun and the Double Barrel Shotgun. Any weapon not listed below does not have a mod available.

Weapon name Modifications Description Price[1]
Authority Machine Gun AMG Laser Sight Notably improves the weapon's hipfire accuracy $250
Combat Shotgun Shotgun Extender Increases the weapon's magazine size and decreases the reloading time $250
Double Barrel Shotgun


Monocular Adds a scope to the weapon and improves its ranged accuracy with slug ammo $25
Settler Pistol Monocular Adds a scope to the weapon and improves its ranged accuracy $25
Settlers Assault Rifle AR Concentrator Reduces the weapon's spread $200
AR Stabilizer Reduces the weapon's recoil $200
Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle Auto-Loader Decreases the weapon's reloading time, changes its firing mode to semi-automatic


  1. The prices in the table are the full prices, without the Wastelander / Crimson Elite armors' benefits.
  2. The Double Barrel Shotgun, as well as the aforementioned Crimson Elite armor, is the Anarchy / Campaign Edition bonus content.