Missing Person is a Job Board quest in RAGE acquired by the protagonist from the Job Board in Wellspring.


Attention Wellspring Citizens and visitors!
A member of our community was abducted by the Ghost Clan. We are looking for anyone brave enough to explore the Ghost Hideout for signs of their whereabouts. It will be dangerous, but you will be rewarded for your efforts.
Find evidence of the missing citizen to earn the reward.


  • Search the Ghost Hideout for the signs of the kidnapped citizen
    • Return to Ghost Hideout
    • Find the Missing Person


2011-10-12 00069.jpg
Rage Missing Person screenshot.jpg

Drive back to the Ghost Hideout. Nothing has really changed, though some Ghosts would now use Settlers Assault Rifles, a backward path between the twin torches (where the Ghost Bonestick card once was) is now blocked with a hanging body of a dead woman, there are Quayola Quayons at the blocked stairs to the left of the entrance, and perhaps some other loot was added (e.g. Steel Blades), so keep looking and don't forget to grind the locked door and grab the Ghost Pistol card.

Normally, you would hear the majority of Ghosts before — or right when — you see them, so kill a handful of them on your way to the big statue with the top hat, find the dead bodies, and the quest will be finished. But wait! That's not all. Kill a handful more Ghosts on the way out.

Now you're done.