"Miracle Cure" is a side quest in RAGE given to protagonist by Richard in Wellspring. It is available after completing the quest "Wellspring Bound".


My wife's taken ill, and I'm mixing 'er up medicine to cure what ails 'er.
Only ingredient left is Night Blossom, and the only place it grows is Crazy Joe's Swamp. Can you bring a Night Blossom back to me?
You make it back with the Night Blossom, and I'll give you my Special Recipe.


  • Find a Night Blossom in Crazy Joe's Swamp


Tip: This side quest is well worth completing. The Apophis Infusion will increase the protagonist's maximum health permanently, so consider focusing on the mission. Note that even if the mission's completed right away with the "Requirements already met" message, it's still worth visiting the Swamp for the Crazy Joe card and some plants.
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The player must retrieve a Night Blossom for Richard, which he needs to make medicine for his sick wife. Most likely the player have already acquired it, one way or another. Otherwise, they should follow the pips on the minimap. There are five places at the Swamp where they can pick up a Night Blossom (usually there are only two plants at a time, though), and two Desert Spores in the crater behind the swamp needed for making of one Apophis Infusion.