A Dual Minigun

The Minigun is a very powerful weapon featured in RAGE. It is often used by bandits, whether as by heavy soldiers or on a turret, and by the Authority Elites (although they use an alternate version, the Authority Pulse Cannon). The light version of this weapon is also used by Sentry Bots.

The Minigun has a very high rate of fire and does a lot of damage on impact. Nicholas Raine cannot use it as a handheld weapon; the closest thing to a handheld minigun that he can use is the Authority Pulse Cannon.


MG 42

  • Enemy vehicles can be seen with turrets mounting skeletal machine guns with MG 42 muzzle recoil boosters and barrel shrouds; the midsection of the weapon is seemingly-random gun parts, and they are incorrectly shown fitted with overhead pan magazines. The same turret is used by the Monarch vehicle.