An Authority Shield Guard under mind control

The Mind Control Bolts are an ammunition type featured in RAGE. It is used with the Striker Crossbow. This ammo is first introduced to the protagonist by Antonin Kvasir. It can be crafted using the corresponding schematic.

These bolts enable the player to control their target's movement for a short period of time in a third person view before the victim explodes. Nicholas Raine can also choose to have them explode prematurely. If shot at targets extremely far away, they will explode automatically.

If a mutant is shot with it, they will explode on contact because of the high amount of Nanotrites implanted within the mutant by the Authority.


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The Mind Control Bolt schematic is given to Raine by Antonin Kvasir in the course of quests "Deadly Delivery" and "Secret Delivery". The ingredients required are:


  • Some tougher enemies appear to be immune to them, notably the Authority Elites and larger mutants. However if a heavily armoured bandit or Elite Guard is shot with it, they will begin firing at their allies.
  • These must be used to get the Achievement/Trophy "Hat Trick", where the player must kill three enemies with one Mind Control Bolt.
  • No enemy in RAGE will use these bolts against Nicholas Raine.