Mick's Garage is a location featured in RAGE. It's an autoshop located in Wellspring that is owned and operated by Mick.

This becomes Nicholas Raine's first garage after Mayor Clayton requires him to rent a garage space for his vehicles during the quest "Renting a Garage". Mick agrees to rent out the space on the condition that Raine comes to him for all of his mechanical needs.

Associated quests[]


  • In the Campaign the protagonist can only go up to Mick's counter and into his own garage via vehicle selection. In both the Legends "Water Service" and "Unwanted Guests" the player can go inside the Mick's Garage, where many different types of ammunition and engineering items can be found.
  • The tow truck in the sign is a reference to the Valve game Left 4 Dead 2 where the same truck appears on Ellis's hat.