Well, well, well, howdy-do to you.
Mick greeting Nicholas Raine.

Mick is a minor character featured in RAGE.



Little is known of Mick's early life, though he mentions that as a younger man he had been a racer. He is a resident of Wellspring and the owner of Mick's Garage, working as a mechanic and providing vehicle repairs.

Events of RAGE[]

In 2135, when Nicholas Raine first arrives in Wellspring, Mick is the first to greet him, saying that both Mayor Clayton and Sheriff Black want to meet with him, thus initiating the "Visit the Sheriff" and "The Mayor Calls" quests.

After Raine meets with Mayor Clayton, he is instructed to rent a garage for his vehicle, initiating the "Renting a Garage" quest. Mick offers to rent out part of his garage, as long as Raine goes to him for all his vehicle needs.

Mick periodically offers Raine advice or wishes him luck before embarking on quests. When the Authority occupies Wellspring, Mick tells Raine that he should leave the area in order to evade capture; though he admits he hates to see Raine leave, he adds that he would be more upset if Raine was captured by the Authority.

Associated quests[]

Notable quotes[]

Clearing the Northern passage will make a lot of people around these parts might happy. It's sure nice having you here.
Mick to Nicholas Raine.
Heard people say that there's been some Authority patrols snooping around. You keep a watch for them and your distance.
Mick to Nicholas Raine.
Listen friend, heard the Authority's looking for you. You best think about leaving town soon. I hate to see you go, but I'd hate it worse if they picked you up.
Mick to Nicholas Raine.



  • Mick was voiced by American voice actor Phil LaMarr, who also provided the voice of Jack Portman and Rourke.
  • In the novel, Mick helps Nicholas Raine by upgrading his vehicle's Boost, and fixing up Raine's buggy to have some chance of surviving the race.
  • In the early stages of RAGE Mick was designed having a mechanical prosthetic arm, like Durar Hagar and Rusty.
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