"Medical Supplies" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Dan Hagar in Hagar Settlement. It is available after completing the quest "Quell the Bandit Threat".


Bandits raided the settlement, and we need your help again.
We held them off, and, thank God, no one was killed. But, we are in desperate need of Medical Supplies. I need you to head West to the Outrigger Settlement and give this letter to their leader, Rikter; he'll know what to do.
You make it back with my Medical Supplies, and I'll have our local mechanic fix up a Buggy for you.


  • Get the Medical Supplies from the Outriggers
    • Head West to the Outrigger Settlement
    • Give Dan's List to Rikter
    • Take the List to Janus
    • Help Janus locate Juno
    • Return the Medical Supplies to Dan


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After the protagonist gets back from making the Northern Wasteland a better place, Dan Hagar tells him about the unfortunate attack on the settlement. Luckily the settlers managed to repel the bandits, but many people got injured during the attack, and the settlement is running dangerously low on medical supplies. With a low amount of supplies the protagonist is tasked to get some from a nearby settlement.

It's the Outrigger Settlement where the protagonist must give a letter to the person in charge thoroughly describing what supplies the Hagar Settlement needs. After a relatively short drive to the settlement Raine is directed to the man in charge called Rikter Outrigger. Rikter allows him to pass. The protagonist then meets Janus Outrigger who agrees to provide the supplies if they can find Juno, one of the residents that went missing (see "Where's Juno"); at this point the player can pick up the Janus Outrigger card. When leaving Janus, the Nicholas will become stuck with Rikter until he agrees to accept his mission "Radio Tower Repair".

When the player completes the side missions and get the supplies needed, they ride back to Dan Hagar who will be thankful for the supplies.



A set of feltrite crystals nearby
The entrance to the Outrigger sewers
  • Despite Dan is saying that he's trying to stay away from any troubles, Rikter remarks: "Hmm… Dan's run into some trouble again I see".
  • At any point before returning to the Hagar Settlement, consider leaving the route for a moment to pick up a set of Feltrite Crystals; it's at the nearby end of the road, a short distance to the northwest of the Outrigger Settlement.
  • With the Wasteland Sewer Missions DLC, the hatch to the Outrigger Sewers is just to the left of entrance to the Wasted Territory. The exit hatch is across the road and a little closer to the Outrigger Settlement, right where you arrive via the zipline after leaving the Radio Tower and walking down the stairs to the road.