General Martin Cross, also known as the Visionary, is a character featured in RAGE and RAGE 2. He is the leader of the Authority and the game's main antagonist, although he is only mentioned by name within the game itself. He seeks to control all of the Wasteland and will do anything to achieve his goals. Most settlements live in fear of him and his armor clad soldiers, for he is not sparing in the punishment he deals out to those who oppose his rule. He has established a base for the Authority in a place now known as Capital Prime, most likely the location of the "Super Ark".


Martin Cross was an Ark Survivor. Before 99942 Apophis hit, he and a group of loyal soldiers took control of a special Ark, a so-called "Super Ark", that had been reserved for the president and several thousand others, leaving the original residents to die outside, as it is unlikely that they could survive the catastrophe. Emerging seventy six years later in 2105, he and Colonel James Casey began to set their plans for bringing order back to the world, by any means necessary, into motion. Soldiers that served under him, such as Captain John Marshall, called him a madman and in the case of Captain Marshall thought that if anyone deserved to die in the wake of Apophis, it was him.

After the Authority Wars, the Authority's was defeated, and Cross left for dead. But, in fact, despite having been critically wounded, his scientifics managed to save his life, and even more, making him immortal. Cross led his men's remnants to the clandestinity. They became like a myth... until, in 2165, three decades after, they returned. In the events of RAGE 2, Cross has focused his efforts on eliminating the last few remaining Arkists. During the Assault on Vineland, Cross led the attack, killing three Rangers on a single strike. He ordered the capture of all rangers or Ark Survivors, for experimentation, but executed the rangers leader, Erwina Prowley, at cold blood. However, they forget one: Walker, the last Ranger of Vineland, which began a personal war against the Authority. Unknown to Cross, the deceased Erwina had made a secret pact with other Resistance leaders, a plan to kill Cross if necessary,Project Dagger.

Klegg Clayton is revealed to be in league with him. But his ambition of established New World Order is foiled as he was killed by Walker at the end of the storyline in Rage 2.


  • During the quest "Assault Capital Prime" Cross could have possibly been away from Capital Prime, as Nicholas Raine and he never cross paths.
    • As such, Cross's fate at the end of the game remains a mystery.


  • He, by loop-broadcast propaganda in Subway Town, often uses the phrase "God bless the Authority," which is a direct reference to the United States' motto "God bless America."
  • His personal flag resembles that of the Strogg's in the Quake series; games which were also developed by id Software.
  • Judging from his cyborg look, Cross has been disabled from war and horrible damage to his body. Because of this, Cross is required to wear a exosuit originally not intended for combat.
  • Lothar Brandt from Wolfenstein: Youngblood may be, but almost certainly isn't, a tribute to Martin Cross.


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