"Lost Research Data" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by John Marshall in Wellspring. It is available after completing the quest "Recover ID Drive" and the mini quest "Talk to Captain Marshall".


The Authority may be controlling Mutants with reprogrammed Nanotrites.
But, we won't know how far along they are unless we get their Research Data. The first place to look would be in the Old Research Facilities in the Dead City. Look for a Network Room that houses the Main Servers. You can pull the Research Data from there.
Find the data, and we may be able to reverse the process.


  • Return to the Dead City
  • Locate Authority Research Facility
  • Find the Research Data
  • Deliver the Research Data to Captain Marshall


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The Drone card is on the table under the stairs
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Follow the pips back to the Dead City. Once inside, you'll basically reverse the route taken during the quest "Defibrillator Upgrade". Enter the tunnel and cross the road to get some supplies. There may be a couple mutants here. Up the steps, where the lights will go out and another mutant will rush you. Gears can be found in the drawer next to the sofa. Continue up the stairs, check the small box on the left of the second flight for some Food Cans, back through the blood-strewn hospital rooms and into the foyer, where you'll find a drone and quickly meet a large squad of the Authority troops excited to see you and celebrate by shooting at you. You might like to save before engaging.

By this time you should have plenty of AV2x Rounds, and a few precise shots to the head will take them down. They really like throwing EMP Grenades at you, but if you shoot them just as they lift their arm, they'll drop them and blow themselves up. After you've dealt with with them, grab the ammo behind reception, loot the ATM and snatch the Authority Drone card from under the stairs on the same level, then head down to the basement area.

Aim for the corridor on the left and head into the next room. The doors ahead will blow open, and an Authority Enforcer along with a Shield Guard will emerge. Deal with them, pick up some ingredients in the room and head up the stairs where you'll hear a mutant gurgling. As you head up the stairs, you'll see the mutant, but an Authority Sniper will kindly deal with him for you. Follow the laser sight back up towards the sniper, and deal with him. There's an Enforcer lurking around too, so keep an eye out.

You're back where you took down the Giant Mutant but sadly no free HE Rockets this time. Head up the stairs where an Authority Sniper is having fun shooting mutants. If you sneak up, you can take him out before he knows what hit him. A couple more Enforcers will pop out from around the corner so drop them, and move around the stairs to pick off at least one of the Snipers that clear the Shanty Town area. (You might like to use the Dynamite Bolts because you won't be able to loot the bodies anyway.) Head down the stairs, grab the ammo at the top of the next stairs, then check the previously locked room to the right for some more ammo and continue down towards the Shanty Town. You'll be able to pick off remaining snipers (if any) as you move forward, and as you head down, you might meet a couple mutants.

As you head down from the Shanty Town, you'll see a Shield Guard and two Enforcers dealing with mutants. Put a Mind Control Bolt in one of them while they're distracted and take them all out while they cluster together, or just try waiting since the mutants will get them eventually. Head down the stairs, and a dropship will deploy some more Enforcers. Catch them in the air, and watch for another one manning a turret up high. Head up to the turret, snag the ammo and a lone Beer Bottle to the right, and then head into the mall, where a few ATMs along with some loot await you.

Remember the laser grid from your previous visit? Well, you can shut that down now. Head to the left and shoot the first Authority Mobile Generator through the hole in the wall. Watch out for enemy troops who can pass the laser grid before you shut it down. Once done, head into the next room. Grab the research data, head through the door and take down the second Power Unit. Grab the ammo and head through the turnstiles where a few more Authority will drop in, halting progress until they're all dead. Head up the stairs and straight ahead is the exit to Dead City Streets.

Head all the way into the open area. Watch out for Snipers and a few Enforcers on the ground. Pick up some ammo on the bench and head up the ramp, and through the doorway. Down the stairs to pick up more ammo and destroy the Power Supply (or just shoot it through the floor grate). Then head through the disabled grid, down the stairs, and through the ruined building where the mutants ambushed you previously. You'll hear the Authority Sniper long before you see him. And when you do, he's right in front of you, so get up close and personal.

Continue down to the large open area where a dropship is dropping off some friends for you to play with. Consider heading back up the stairs to gain vertical superiority. By now, you should be making short work of these guys, so cross the road, head through the hole, down the stairs and towards the exit. In the tunnel before the exit, you'll meet a couple more Enforcers and an Elite, so punish him (Dynamite Bolts or a Rocket Launcher work well), and head out, back to Marshall and all the untold fame and glory.


  • Completing the Dead City reverse in the Campaign brings you the Achievement/Trophy "YtiC daeD".
  • Every Collector Card picked up counts towards getting the Achievement/Trophy "Gotta Have 'em All".
  • Every Authority Enforcer killed during jetpack descent counts towards getting the Achievement/Trophy "Jetpacker".
  • Killing three or more enemies with a single mind controlled enemy gets you the Achievement/Trophy "Hat Trick".
  • During the briefing for the mission, Captain Marshall tells you that the research data will be found on "the top floors of the research building", but it is actually located in a basement in the shopping mall.
  • This is the last main storyline quest in the Northern Wasteland area.