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Grinds locks until they break open.

The Lock Grinder is an engineering item featured in RAGE and in the co-op mode Wasteland Legends. It is used to break open locked doors found in several locations throughout the Wasteland.

A lock grinder in a drawer

There are in total 14 locked grindable doors in the Campaign. The player finds one Lock Grinder in the Abandoned Distillery, and so will need to engineer 13 more to use through the game. Usually there are more than enough useful and/or valuable items behind the doors to make it well worth a Lock Grinder used to open it.


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The player will obtain the Lock Grinder schematic during the quest "Find the Buggy Parts".


A locked door

Below a list of the locked door locations and stored items.

Feltrite Crystals, Ghost Pistol Collector Card
1st door just blocks the way in.
2nd: Steel Blades, Antiseptic Formula, Cloth Rags, HE Grenades
3rd: Feltrite Crystals, Gas Can, Large Oil Cans, Buckshot
1st: Pinkies, Food Cans, Hardware Packet, Ordnance Pack, Fatboys, Buckshot, Steel AR Rounds, Turret Barrel
2nd: Feltrite Crystals, Bandages, HE Grenades, Buckshot, Steel AR Rounds, Feltrite AR Rounds, wrench, Gas Tank, Small Battery Pack
Authority Machine Gun, Authority MG Rounds, Bandages, HE Grenades, Buckshot, Fatboys
Fatboys, Steel AR Rounds, Pistol Rounds, Huffer's Aerosol, Large Oil Can, Food Cans
John Marshall Collector Card, Wingsticks, Fatboys, Authority AV2x Rounds, Feltrite Crystals
Night Blossom, Feltrite Crystals
Turret Barrels, Electrical Wire Kit, Oil Liters, Gas Liters, wrench, Small Objects (Huffer's Aerosol, Paint Cans)
The door just blocks the way and could easily be avoided by using the ventilation shaft in the office nearby.
1st: Electro Bolts, Authority AV2x Rounds, Buckshot, Cloth Rags, Antiseptic Formula, Feltrite Crystals, Oil Can, Small Objects (Paint Can, Clipboard, Cheap Dress Shoes)
2nd: RC Bomb Car, Pop Rockets, Pulse Shot, Authority AV2x Rounds, Buckshot, Oil Can

Through The Scorchers DLC[]

HE Grenades, Killbursts, Pistol Rounds, Steel AR Rounds, Gas Tank, Electrical Wire Kit
Pop Rockets, Buckshot, Authority MG Rounds, Paint Can


  • You can earn money by buying ingredients from vendors, combining them (once you get the schematic) and selling them back for a profit of $3 per one Lock Grinder (total cost: $69, selling price: $72). This is only possible when using the Wastelander or Crimson Elite[1] armor, since both outfits have the 5% discount feature. The highest profit is achieved after building and selling the maximum number of Lock Grinders (98). This will allow you to purchase 4 additional sets of ingredients. Rinse and repeat. Always try to keep at least 98 sets of ingredients in your inventory so that if you start to run out of money, you can head back to a vendor and start off with the maximum profit.


  1. The Crimson Elite armor is the Anarchy / Campaign Edition bonus content.