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Lily Prowley grew up alongside Walker, the protagonist of RAGE 2.


Raised by her aunt, Lily and Walker shared a friendly rivalry growing up, due to the latter having nanotechnology and high-tech equipment: as she was daughter of a Ranger and an old Bandits, she hasn't them. The background of Lily doesn't go to in-depth with us only knowing Walker views Lily as like a sister since Walker was an orphan.

During the Assault on Vineland, Lily killed Authority Mutants alongside Walker. After assisting both at the heroic death of Ranger Jersey, they separated.

The next morning, when the Authority invaders have left, after capturing or killing all Rangers and having executed Lily's mother, she found Walker still alive and awakened giving an electroshock at his Ranger's armor. After Walker heared a postume recording of Erwina Prowley, Lily assisted her brother with his mission, advising him and giving him access to the Phoenix vehicle. She asid tpo stay behind to ''help puting things back in order'', implied to rebuilt Vineland, but if Walker comes later, founds the place without any changes, and Lily the only one in the place.

After Walker activated Project Dagger and assaulted the Authority's headquarters, Lily followed him there, and her arrival was very timely: the creator of a nano poison of Nanotrites, Dr. Anton Kvasir, had ''forget'' to said Walker than the poison will kill him too. But Lily arrived and rescued the poisoned Walker, evacuating him from, the place, and later, at gunpoint, forced Kvasir to save the Ranger.

After Walker awakened, in Wellspring, Lily was seen in the major's Loosum Hagar's bureau.